The Fragrance of Spirituality

The Fragrance of Spirituality

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Not surprisingly, body odour has a lot to do with what we eat and drink. But did you know that it is also affected by the way we think. Just as meat, onions and the pungent spices of chilli and garlic can create a… well… foul odour in the bathroom, so too, simple eating and high thinking can create a fragrance of simplicity and spirituality. The essence of everything we eat excretes through our pores. Every cell of our body is affected by our thoughts, they also transmit the essence of those thoughts, in the form of higher vibrations.

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Fortunately our level of personal hygiene has increased over the centuries. In the past, even royalty did not bathe often despite having opulence and wealth. Queen Victoria of England famously bathed once a month, which was thought to be highly extravagant in those days! Most people didn’t bathe more than once a year. They believed that water spread diseases through the pores of the skin, infecting the bloodstream. Carlyn Beccia, author of ‘The Raucous Royals’, says that in France in Louis XIV’s day, people thought a good, thick, grimy layer of filth would keep one healthy and strong. To combat the smells, the men and ladies in Louis’s court would douse themselves with perfumes and powders.

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But back to the present day… have you observed the square footage of space that is taken up in department stores and duty free sections with the enormous selection of perfumes and colognes? I find this absolutely amazing. Designer fragrances have us hooked. We spend so much on them to smell good and attract others when we are supposed to smell good naturally. We are completely out of touch with our own innate ‘diffuser’!

And these aren’t the only fragrances available in the stores, there are oil burners, pot pourri, house sprays, toilet deodorisers, household cleaners, clothes softeners… everything to make our home and body smell good. What a long way we have come from our natural selves! But most perfumes today are a mixture of chemicals, they are toxic, allergy-causing, possibly carcinogenic or even designed to mimic human hormones to arouse others!

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These are so poisonous, that although we may smell nice for the other person, it won’t be for very long! If you suffer, just remove some of these from your dresser or bathroom and then check the difference. Some workplaces in North America even have no-scent policies, due to the amount of allergic reactions.

Fragrance of Sp natural2We all enjoy the natural fragrance of trees and flowers as we walk through a garden, which illustrates how we are attracted to the simplicity of natural nature.

Fragrance of Sp natural

The fragrance of spirituality is also something different and very natural, it is a unique blend of simplicity, cleanliness and inner power combined. It can be sensed rather than sniffed. As yogis become pure in their heart and head, they begin to emit a spiritual fragrance, like a subtle aura, that is perceptible to those who are tuned in.

As we return to more of a natural way of being, we will also introduce natural and healthy items into our life such as deodorants and creams. As we eat a more plant-based diet our odour will change for the better.

Fragrance of Sp natural2

It’s time… to begin to introduce a more pure and positive diet of our thoughts, which will also release and radiate a pure fragrance, one that is priceless and can never be bottled or bought!

© It’s Time…’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK 



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